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MW Capital Group acquires multi-family apartment complexes with value-add opportunities that force appreciation and deliver strong returns for our investors. We search for structurally sound, under-performing properties in strong, growing markets. We acquire the properties with our investors through syndication. Once acquired, we develop and implement a plan to increase value, optimize operations and increase cash flow and net operating income. Our projects are selected carefully based on very specific strategic criteria and are designed to outperform traditional investment vehicles.

What makes MW Capital Unique?

We provide superior value through a merging of PARTNERSHIPS, PERFORMANCE, and FOCUS.
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Cash Flow

Cash flow on multi-family properties is more consistent than that of a single-family home in that you have multiple tenants paying rent. With single- family homes one vacancy equals 100% vacancy. With a large multi-family it takes more vacancies to put a dent in the bottom line.


Lending institutions consider multi-family to be one of their safest asset classes to lend on. For this reason it’s much easier to obtain financing, even non- recourse lending on a multifamily property.


Single-family homes are valued on market comparisons while multi- family is valued based on a multiple of the NOI. Appreciation can be strategically forced by increased rents from capital improvements and/or reducing expenses through more efficient management.

Tax Benefits

Ownership in a large multi-family property can provide you with unparalleled tax sheltering benefits that can greatly offset or eliminate your personal income tax liabilities.

Equity Growth

With larger loan pay downs from multiple tenants it’s easier to expedite increases in equity and overall wealth creation.


Multi-family real estate’s track record is unmatched in resiliency and resistance to market downturns. The default rate on Multi-family is around 2% compared to 8% with single family investing.

Market Trends

The data is undeniable. There is a huge demographic shift from home ownership to renting.

How do we do it?

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